Heaven’s Gate 15-years later: What Sneakers Did They Wear?

Dee Wells

Dee Wells calls Worcester, MA his home but grew up in the beautiful US Virgin Islands(STT/STJ). Heavily influenced by Hip Hop, Dee has always been fascinated by people and what they wear. Thus, began his love for fashion and, more importantly, sneakers. It all started with him watching his parents play tennis; his father wore adidas Rod Laver sneakers, and his mother wore adidas Stan Smith sneakers. From there birthed Dee's love for leather and rubber. Dee's first pair of sneakers were Puma Clyde sneakers, which he religiously changed the laces in, and kept clean with water, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and a toothbrush. While Dee has amassed many pairs of sneakers, it's the stories that are the most important to Dee; he calls them Kickstories. Dee has also been instrumental with bringing the sneaker subculture to the forefront with his involvement with Sole Collector Magazine, and his latest creation, the OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder) brand.

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  • http://www.sneakertube.tv/ PremiumPete

    that dude is 7:30

  • Solefresh

    Crazy story

  • Dee y

    Hey Dee,

    Been wondering what Nike’s response to this sort of negative publicity was. did they stop making the Decade shoe? Was the dunk or air force Heaven’s Gate shoe, actually developed by Nike?

    Thanks for the story!

  • http://www.osdlive.com/ Dee Wells

    Hey Dylan,

    Thank you for reading the article.

    I don’t remember Nike ever responding to the fact that the folks wore their sneakers. Honestly, the best response was for them to not make a statement.

    And, when the Dunks came out a few years ago, it was the sneaker community that gave the sneakers their name, Nike did make them, but I’m sure they didn’t set out to make the “Heaven’s Gate Dunk”.

    It’s always interesting what names the “community” give kicks. Some are good names, and some are plain stupid. Lol.