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But To Me The Clique Is Full: Day #4

[ 0 ] November 11, 2011 |


Do Right and Kill Everything. He possesses admirable characteristics and honestly does the right thing. Do you ever hear Drake’s name negatively mentioned in tabloids? Has he ever been arrested, in trouble, or anything of the such? Nah he hasn’t. I look up to this dude on a real tip. He’s taught me life lessons and his words? Yeah I take em to heart.

Apart of his admirable characteristics, he puts himself before others and practices selflessness. Time and time again you hear Drake paying tributes to his ATF team and the people closest to him. He gives credit where credit is due and he shares. He has never been the one to be selfish. Take what you want, take what you want, but you gotta share it with the world.

On that note, lets look at some of the members of his team who get questioned about this million dollar scheme:

Oliver - Shout out tuh oliver and forty men you know the deal. Oliver is one of Drake’s closest friends. Oliver handles a lot of the OVO blog. He knows Drake’s preferences and dislikes especially in fashion and music. More importantly, Oliver was one of the biggest inspirations behind “So Far Gone.” One night Drake and Oliver were talking disrespectfully about women. Directly after the two parted, Oliver texted Drake, “Are we becoming the men that our mothers divorced?” This put both of them in check. Drake cherished this because it showed that he and his crew had a conscious and still held themselves to the highest of standards.

40 – Drake and 40 have to be the best combination of artist X producer in the game. You can’t have one without the other. They compliment each other oh so well. 40 executively produced “So Far Gone” with Boi-1da. Recently The Fader conducted a great interview with Noah Shebib. Make sure to peep.

Boi-1da – Besides 40, this is Drake’s closest producer. These two have been boys forever mang. 1da was around well before Drake blew up. It only makes sense that Boi-1da produced the song that put Drake on a national scale, “Best I Ever Had.”

Niko – This is Drake’s best friend. On the “Thank Me Later” credits, Drake mentions that he thought he was the only child until he met Niko.

Jas Prince – This is another ATF must. Prince is the one that handed Drake’s music to Wayne. Shortly after, Drake received a call from Weezy while getting a hair cut. The next day, the boy was on his way to Houston to kick with Carter.

Future – Mang this is Drake’s DJ if you didn’t know. Future holds it down for Drizzy whole time.

Other close friends and affiliates include:

Chubbs - I Be With My N-gga Chubbs, He In Love With The Street Shit

Hush – Hush Got The Gun

CJ - CJ’s Got My Credit Cards And A Lot Of Ones.

P-Reign - My Brother P-Reign Knows We Fuck With The Same Hoes Plus He Taught Me How To Spot An Officer In Plain Clothes

And All The Names I’m Mentioning Are Crucial.. Ya Gunna Need Us.



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