2001 Retro 3 vs 2011 Retro 3 (Inside Look)


Born and raised in Detroit, Mi where he grew a passion for sneakers early on as a kid and continues it well into his adult years. Never looking at sneakers as competition or even "collecting" for the hype, but more so for the love of the concept and staying true to what he likes. No matter if it was the streets of the D or corporate boardrooms, Teko always seems to attract others that share a similar interest in life outside of sneakers. Not claiming to be an expert in this field by any means but always wanting to know the "why" behind shoes, he was encouraged by friends to start a blog. Fast forward, he present SoleSurvivorDetroit.com as a platform to talk specifically about his views surrounding new and upcoming sneakers. Taking it one step further by even breaking down the concepts, materials, and even comparisons through his youtube channel, has allowed him to network with sneakerheads near and far.

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  • sneakermonster

    copping but heard materials aint on point with the 11 release?

  • http://www.solesurvivordetroit.com Teek

    Materials meaning what? The 11’s are going to be similar to the space jams in quality. They will be better than the countdown pack but nowhere near the 01 release.

  • http://www.sneakertube.tv/ PremiumPete

    Hey teek I’m singing that biggie for these “I want that old thing back”

  • http://www.solesurvivordetroit.com Teek

    HAHA…Indeed Pete…Indeed!

  • @themexicutioner

    I gota have these after my OG’s “BLEW OUT”