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2001 Retro 3 vs 2011 Retro 3 (Inside Look)

[ 5 ] November 19, 2011 |

Here is our comparison look at the 2001 Retro 3 and the new 2011 Retro that will be released on “Black Friday” Nov 25th.

*First* Taking a look at the cement/elephant print on each shoe the 2011 (front) has more of a bold effect than the 2001 (back)
We in fact happen to like both…the 2001 print is closer to the OG 3 that released back in the day. The 2011 print is nice also because it adds another dimension to the shoe for us.

*Second* Looking at the outsole on both sneakers the 2011 (left) definitely has more of a darker shade of grey than the 2001 (right)
If you look close you can also see that Jordan Brand decided to “raise” the stars on the 2011 version. The 2001 almost looks flat or even like it’s been worn down compared to the 2011.

*Third* Getting a better look of the outsole you can definitely peep the “grey” differences on the bottom. Along side of the obvious Jordan/Nike that is written at the bottoms…take a look at the different “reds” used. The 2001 has more of a lighter red and the 2011 had that varsity red hit.

*Fourth* The insole/footbed of the sneakers changed up a bit as well. 2011 with the grey insole/red jumpman…the 2001 with the red insole and the Nike Air written inside.

*Fourth* Last but not least…we have the most controversial part of the re-released retro 3…the back! HA. For most it is a pain point not to see the “Nike Air” written on the back of the sneaker. While for the most part everybody knows the reason why it was decided for it not to be there…. but the reality is that it’s on the back portion of the shoe that you can’t see when wearing it anyway. I mean we totally understand the whole “taking away from a classic” but I say just be happy that they decided to bring it back! On that note remember…you can always chose to buy it or not..the decision is yours!

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  1. sneakermonster says:

    copping but heard materials aint on point with the 11 release?

  2. Teek says:

    Materials meaning what? The 11′s are going to be similar to the space jams in quality. They will be better than the countdown pack but nowhere near the 01 release.

  3. PremiumPete says:

    Hey teek I’m singing that biggie for these “I want that old thing back”

  4. Teek says:

    HAHA…Indeed Pete…Indeed!

  5. @themexicutioner says:

    I gota have these after my OG’s “BLEW OUT”

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