About Us

SneakerTube is a multi-layered video sharing website, where your sneaker experience is just that.....YOURS solely!

Launched on December 15, 2010, with the belief that sneaker aficionados, the sole obsessed and self-described 'Sneakerheads' needed a place where their passion for all things sneaker-related could be shared with the world. With a knack for being able to relate to people from various walks of life, "Premium Pete" took his knowledge, retail experience and desire to build an online community that would easily translate to real-life friendships, and created SneakerTube.

"At the end of the day, it's all about the community," said Pete.

Pete continued to say; "One of the main things I envisioned when creating SneakerTube.TV was having sneaker lovers, reviewers, collectors, etc. from all around the world in the same community as the companies, boutiques and shops."

SneakerTube.TV (STTV) also features one of the most flexible, high quality, and fastest importing video players online today. Members will be able to upload there videos to SneakerTube.TV and also can import YouTube and Vimeo videos without losing their view counts, and will also have the ability to create customizable profile pages, live chat, blog, create & join groups.

Watch, upload and share YOUR sneaker videos……because it's time to let YOUR sole shine!